Acupuncture & Beyond

About Me

Family and Health: create Harmony physically, emotionally and spiritually. Do you want to find ways to balance and improve your health? Taoist philosophy concentrates on the Source of all life, and called it Qi. This primordial energy creates and sustains life. Qi is considered the life force energy that creates life in the body: the Breath in the Lungs, the Circulation of blood from the Heart. The medical system created from the worldview of Qi began with the meridians and now more people are learning the benefits of Acupuncture, Tuina, and Qi Gong. Take care of yourself through integrating your emotions and physical symptoms. Asian medicine can help you become more centered, reduce pain for migraines, arthritis and sports injuries, and strengthen your immune system. I received my Master's degree in Chinese Medicine from the American Academy of Acupuncture and also studied Reiki, Tai Chi and Qi Gong for several years. As a practitioner, I continue to research new ways to help my patients by research or taking classes on various treatment styles.

Through acupuncture, herbs, tuina and other treatments like Craniosacral therapy, my journey with you will help to bring balance to your physical and emotional wellbeing. Chinese medicine has a long history, and through my experience and studies, I've discovered that Chinese medicine can often treat the root of the problem, going past the surface manifestation to a deeper level.

Amy Sanda, Licensed Acupuncturist