Acupuncture is among the oldest healing practices in the world and is based on the concept that disease results from disruption in the flow of qi and imbalance in the forces of yin and yang. Acupuncture stimulates specific points on the body by a variety of needling techniques and will remove blockages in the flow of qi and restore and maintain health.

During your first office visit, the practitioner will diagnose your health patterns and ask about your health condition, lifestyle, and behavior. The practitioner will want to obtain a complete picture of your treatment needs and life style choices that may contribute to your condition. Inform the acupuncturist about dietary choices, medications and all medical conditions. Acupuncture needles are metallic, solid, and hair-thin. People experience acupuncture differently, but most feel a needling sensation or dullness after they are inserted. Some people feel energized by treatment, while others feel relaxed.